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Conservation of aquatic plant resources and lower groups of plants and their sustainable utilization, and generation of knowledge through R&D activities and its dissemination through training and education.



1.      To explore, map and document aquatic plant resources and lower group of plants of Western Ghats.

2.      To conserve the plant resources documented through the establishment of conservatories and through restoration of degraded wetlands and their maintenance.

3.      To establish and maintain living collections of economically important plant resources of Malabar region.

4.      To undertake Research & Development studies on the taxonomy, biology, (including reproduction) ecology and economic potential of the plant resources documented using conventional and modern tools.

5.      Development of value-added products from these resources for the human well-being through bio-prospecting.

6.      Conservation of RET species of aquatic and lower group of plantsthrough in-vitro techniques such as cryopreservation of propagules, tissue culture and DNA libraries, besides traditional methods of multiplication and nursery techniques.

7.      To promote environmental education through training and education and also skill development in horticulture, floriculture, hydroponics, nursery techniques, and management of greenhouses,etc.


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