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MBGIPS- Recent Initiatives


A section for demonstrating different types of inflorescence.


Systematic Garden
In this section the plants are arranged on the basis of the Bentham & Hooker’s system of classification, which would be of immense help to the students to understand the basic principles adopted for classification.


Climber House

Climber house with about 32 species of local and exotic climbers form another attraction in the Garden. Twiners, Stranglers and Lianas are different forms of climbers all of which are represented in this section. Each plant is well labelled with botanical names, common name and local name with their economic uses etc. Some of them produce attractive colorful flowers  whereas some flowers are not showy. In addition many woody climbers grow in different parts of the garden on supporting trees.


Climate Controlled Polyhouse

A climate  controlled polyhouse is under construction which aims at acclimatizing the plants, introduced from various micro-climatic conditions.


Aquatic Plants of Special Interest.
This section displays various aquatic plants based on their features of interest such as medicinal,edible, rare and ornamental.



A wide collection of wild and ornamental orchids are displayed here.

Aroid House
ild and ornamental varieties of Aroids are beautifully displayed in this section.


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