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MBGIPS- Research Areas

                                                                  Research Areas

Objective -A

 Objective - B

 Objective -C


A. Developmental Programmes

  1. Development of an ex – situ conservatory for the aquatic biodiversity for undertaking research on them.
  2. Development of an ex – situ conservatory for the wild medicinal plants unique to the Malabar region.
  3. Development and maintenance of botanical museum and library of life science.
  4. Development of an exclusive herbarium for aquatic plants.

 B. Research Programmes

  1. Publication of an illustrated aquatic biodiversity of Kerala.
  2. Identification of the aquatic/wetland situations of Kerala deserving protection and to suggest measures for sustainable conservation.
  3. Monographs of aquatic families.
  4. Ecological studies on the mangroves of Malabar region.
  5. Development of a database for the aquatic situations and aquatic biodiversity of the country.

C. Extension Programmes

  1. Promotion of nature education
  2. Promotion of aquatic plants cultivation
  3. Training programmes to students, Farmers and NGO groups       





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