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Research Projects

1. A project entitled Establishment of a Lead Garden in Aquatic Plant Biodiversity has been sanctioned by the Ministry of Environment and Forest.

2. A project entitled Establishment of the Calicut District Medicinal Plant Demonstration Garden at Malabar Botanical Garden has been sanctioned by State Medicinal Plant Board, Kerala

3. A project entitled Exploration and Establishment of Conservation Repository of Pteridophytes of the Western Ghats of Kerala at Malabar Botanical Garden, Kozhikode has been sanctioned by the Western Ghats Cell, Planning and Economic Affairs Department, State Planning Board, Govt. of Kerala with Dr. P.V.Madhusoodanan as Principal Investigator and Dr. R. Prakashkumar as Co- Investigator.

4. Title: Systematic studies on bryophytes of Northern Western Ghats in Kerala under the Women Scientist Programme by Dr. Manju C Nair and Dr. Prakashkumar R

5. Title:Bionidhi: A scheme for Promoting interest in biological science Shri Sree Kumar and Dr. NS Pradeep (The project aims to give awareness to the students of 10th standards from the selected schools of Kozhikode educational district through lectures and give training on herbarium technique,sampling technique and mushroom cultivation technique.)

6. Title: Development of a field gene bank for endemic aquatic plants and National repository of aquatic flora at Malabar Botanic Garden. (The project envisages to develop a unique field gene bank for the aquatic plants in the vast wetland possessed by MBGIPSS. The project will facilitate researchers to undertake further studies on those fascinating groups of plants. At the same time, the RET aquatic plants can be conserved in the field gene bank thus developed. The programme also aims to develop the wetland suitable for introduction and multiplication of the aquatic plants by preparing canals and ponds with protective walls in the vast wetland possessed by the institution.)

7. Title: Resource augmentation and ex situ Conservation of 5 RET medicinal plants -This project, funded by the Dept. of AYUSH, aims at creating a herbal garden for the multiplication and propagation of 5 RET medicinal plants (Acorus calamus, Baliospermum montanum, Celastrus paniculatus, Pseudarthria viscida and Symplocos chinensis) of South India which are now facing the threat of extinction in its natural habitats, with Prof. P.V. Madhusoodanan as Principal Investigator.

8. Title: Algal diversity of selected freshwater ecosystems and its application as ecological indicators, biofertilizers and phytoremediation agents. --understanding the algal biodiversity and its identification as ecological indicators of various types of pollution in the selected ecosystems of Kerala, with Prof. P.V. Madhusoodanan as Principal Investigator.

9. A project entitled “ Exploration, Taxonomic Characterisation and Establishment of Conservation Repository of Bryophytes in Kerala” --has been sanctioned by KSCSTE, Thiruvananthapuram.

10. A project entitled “Floristic Studies on the Vembanad wetlands with reference to Pathiramanal Island, Kumarakom KTDC Complex and adjoining areas” - KSCSTE, Thiruvananthapuram with Dr. S. V. Predeep as Principal Investigator.

11. Title : Establishment of LEAD GARDEN in Aquatic Biodiversity at Malabar Botanical Garden” – MoEF, Govt. of India with Dr. R. Prakashkumar as Principal Investigator.

12. A project entitled “Isolation and Purification of Catechol 2,3 Dioxygenase – a key hydrocarbon degrading enzyme from industrial wastes” – DST, Govt. of India under Dr. R.B. Smitha

13. Title: Ferns and Fern allies of Kerala” (USERS Scheme) by Dr. P.V.Madhusoodanan – DST, Govt. of India.

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